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Fleet Management

Public Safety Vehicles
Collecting and managing all of the information necessary for an effective fleet management system is an arduous process at best. City fleet managers are learning they can automate much of the process and collect up-to-the-minute and logged data wirelessly, eliminating much of the time spent pooling, analyzing and reporting on vehicle data.

Public safety vehicles can be equipped with GPS devices to log routes and time spent at various locations. Vehicle mileage and other aging measurements can also be logged then transmitted wirelessly to the fleet manager's computer. On board systems in vehicles can also track inventory, such as water levels or medical supplies, and transmit the information wirelessly to storeroom and other inventory managers. These data gathering solutions can provide tremendous savings by virtually eliminating the long hours spent gathering the same information manually from fleets of vehicles.

Automatically transmit vehicle data and inventories

Vehicles can automatically transmit the day's logged information when entering the fleet yard. Alternatively, the same information can be gathered up-to-the-minute from out in the field when a city deploys a wireless municipal private network.

Digi wireless OEM modules and stand-alone radio modems provide transparent, easy to integrate, RF connections for fleet management systems. The long range , low power , low cost and advanced networking solutions provided by Digi help systems designers make these robust connections affordable.

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