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Handheld Terminals

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Handheld terminals provide a premium example of how OEMs can take advantage of Digi's low power and long range. Digi RF modules are optimized for battery powered applications with transmit power consumption as low as 55 mA, receive mode as low as 35 mA, and sleep modes consuming as low as 20 µA.

Handheld terminals are typically limited to a very small communication area, usually 30 to 100 feet. However, Digi enabled handheld terminals have range that can extend many times beyond the typical handheld device, greatly enhancing the flexibility in the implementation of handheld applications.

One of our customers has Digi RF modules integrated into several of its handheld terminals and are deploying them throughout the world. The compact size (smaller than a credit card) of Digi RF modules with its simple serial interface make integration easy.

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