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Private Networks

Wireless Municipal Networks
Cities can capitalize on a multitude of uses for the same RF private network. Once a network is in place, systems involving drinking and irrigation water, sewage, electricity, natural gas and the like, can be monitored remotely saving a tremendous amount of time and money. The savings occur by reducing expenses related to vehicles, travel to-and-from monitoring sites and lag time waiting for data to be returned and analyzed. RF monitoring makes up-to-the-minute analysis and reporting a cost saving reality.

Public safety can utilize existing private networks to monitor dangerous intersections, pull license plate information and track the GPS position of police and other city vehicles. Wireless private networks can allow police officers to remotely access information without the expensive set-up and monthly fees associated with cell phone modems. The monitoring and expense-saving benefits for public safety add value to a city's RF private network.

Public utilities can dramatically reduce the costs (personnel, vehicles, time lag, etc.) associated with business and residential meter reading when accessing wireless private networks. Up-to-the-minute usage statistics and automated reporting allow for more accurate billing, service account set-up and cancellation. The power and gas industries have already realized million of dollars in savings by deploying automated meter reading systems.

Monitoring and control on RF private networks can be taken to street lights, environmental settings of city buildings and parking lots, fleet management, inventory and warehousing, point-of-sale-systems, and much more. Many of these applications would not be feasible without RF capabilities. While some of these applications could potentially be connected by wires and data cables, the materials, installation and maintenance costs associated would make such projects too costly.

RF private networks involve line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight connections. Digi wireless OEM modules and stand-alone radio modems provide long range, low power, low cost and advanced networking solutions that make these connections possible.

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