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Race Timers

The Customer:
Leader in transponder based automatic timing and scoring systems. They manufacture some of the most advanced timing systems for racing.

The Challenge:
Lap timers in car racing can be less than reliable as well as difficult to install. Drivers are forced to constantly adjust the infrared beacons or receivers in the car. The customer needed to develop a solution that was not only reliable but also easy to install and required little maintenance from the driver.

The Solution:
Using Digi’s 9XCite radios, the customer developed an accurate and reliable lap timer. Every time the car drives by start/finish, the lap timer feeds the driver up-to-the-second official practice, qualifying and race information that they need. The solution is small, easy to install and low cost. In addition, it only requires a simple two-wire installation and does not require any infrared beacons.

The Result:
Employing Digi’s wireless technology, the lap timer is able to send directly to the driver vital information such as gap time and overall position to help the driver race a better and more efficient race.



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