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Security Monitoring

The Customer:
Provides expertise to organizations needing to align their technology with their business strategy in the area of security solutions utilizing biometric authentication.

The Challenge:
The customer needed to develop a secure method of wirelessly authenticating access to high-security facilities.

The Solution:
The company chose to integrate Digi’s 9XCite wireless technology because of its low power feature and low cost. The 9XCite is able to provide a range of up to a 1000 ft in an outdoor line-of-sight environment at an affordable price. Digi’s wireless OEM modules were combined with fingerprint technology in order to authenticate drivers when entering high-security facilities. The driver is required to verify he is authorized to enter by matching his fingerprint with a previously registered fingerprint template in the vehicle. If the driver is confirmed, the system then sends a secure wireless signal to the gate, and the driver is then allowed to enter.

The Result:
Implementing a wireless vehicle-based fingerprint biometric access control system helps to reduce the risk of forged or stolen IDs being used to access high security areas or the unauthorized access of restricted areas. The solution can be easily implemented at military sites, airports, banks, gated communities, estates and other sites that require strict control of vehicles entering the gates.



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