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University Student Projects

Brigham Young University Robots
Digi provided the RF monitoring links to various robotic projects at the university.
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Brigham Young University UAV Airplane
Digi provided the long range RF monitoring link to this unmanned airplane.
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North Dakota State University Wireless ECG
This project explores the technology of wireless smart sensors while developing an experimental heart monitoring system. The ECG system will transmit the data wirelessly, via Digi wireless OEM modules , to a remote site for real-time diagnosis.

University of Missouri-Columbia Solar Car
Digi provided the RF data telemetry link as a Gold Sponsor to the SunTiger IV Solar Car Team. The team finished in 11th place in the American Solar Challenge, the longest solar car race in the world, racing over 2300 miles along historic Route 66.

The SunTiger IV.1 is a fifth generation solar car designed for high speed competition. In 2001, the team from the University of Missouri-Columbia finished in 11th place in the American Solar Challenge. This solar car race is the longest in the world, racing over 2300 miles along historic Route 66. Access the in-depth newsletter on the SunTiger here.

Digi 9XStream 900 MHz wireless OEM modules provide the RF data telemetry link between the SunTiger and the chase vehicle.

The new Suntiger V will have the most powerful telemetry system ever produced by Mizzou (University of Missouri-Columbia). Their real-time telemetry system will transmit over 100 channels of data to a laptop located in the chase vehicle. This information will be analyzed to determine how well Suntiger is performing. The Suntiger team will use this information to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of the car. The PC interface for the telemetry system is pictured below:

SunTiger V Specifications

  • Array output: 1300 to 1400 Watts.
  • Weight: 600 lbs, with driver.
  • Top speed: 72 mph.
  • Solar array: 3000+ gallium arsenide cells.
  • Battery pack: 650 lithium ion cells.
  • Chassis: Composite.
  • Tires: Bridgestone 114 psi electric vehicle tires.
  • Motor: New Generations axial flux wheel hub motor.
  • Suspension: Double wishbone.
  • Cost: $100,000.
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