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Weather Stations

The Customer:
Manufactures small, battery-powered data loggers, weather stations, and data logger/controllers for use in indoor, outdoor, and underwater monitoring applications. Their solutions are used in a broad range of environmental research, industrial, and energy/HVAC applications.

The Challenge:
The customer wanted to develop a way to wirelessly offload data from their remote weather stations and send it safely and securely back to a central location for analysis.

The Solution:
Digi’s 9XStream stand-alone radio modem operating at 100 mW and transmitting at 19.2 Kbps were selected because they are easy to use and install quickly. The 9XStream also provides long range and requires very little power. Remote applications often require battery power, so the lower the power output the better. Digi RF modules are optimized for low power applications and provide excellent communication at short and long range.

The Result:
The battery-powered radio modem solution provides wireless data offload from remote weather stations at distances up to 5 miles. The data can be automatically forwarded to other locations over the Internet by FTP or e-mail. The low-power design allows one set of batteries to provide power for one year with daily data offload, or five to ten months when offloading hourly. This greatly reduces the cost of implementing and maintaining the remote weather stations.



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