USB Interface

USB has been a ubiquitous computer interface for quite some time. In the past few years, many desktops and laptops no longer offer DB9 COM ports and USB is the only available interface. The advantages of USB ports is that they are so widely used and the USB port can supply up to 500mA of power, often eliminating the need for an additional power adapter.

A disadvantage of the USB interface is that USB client devices require a driver from a host device to operate properly. This makes it impossible to connect two client devices together. For example, a USB camera and a USB printer cannot connect to one another because they both require a PC or laptop to supply their necessary driver files.

Digi offers USB interface boards for the XTend, XStream, XCite and XBee product families. The Digi radios are USB client devices and enumerate as a standard COM port. This allows them to be used with legacy software applications that were designed to communicate over a user selectable COM port. In a typical application, the USB radios are used in conjunction with other RS-232 or OEM radios.

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