XBee Series 1 and XBee Series 2 Differences

Q. Last month you announced the XBee Series 2 module. What is the difference between the XBee Series 1 and XBee Series 2 and when would I design in one module over the other? Are the two modules compatible at all?

A. The XBee Series 1 and the XBee Series 2 modules have the exact same form factor and are pin-for-pin compatible, but they are based on different chip sets and are running different protocols, so they are not over-the-air compatible. The Series 1 module is based on the Freescale chipset and is intended to be used in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. The Series 2 module is based on the Ember chipset and is designed to be used in applications that require repeaters or mesh. Both modules have the option to interface via AT or API modes and both series will be offered and fully supported moving forward.




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