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Upgrading to XTend Mesh Firmware

Q. How do I upgrade the firmware on my XTend-PKG modem if I want to take advantage of the new mesh networking features?

A. Mesh networking firmware is available in version 8014 of the XTend firmware. If you have an application where the mesh networking may be useful, it can be downloaded into any existing XTend product via the X-CTU program.

In order to update the radios, the 8014 firmware will first need to be downloaded to your PC or laptop. The “Download new versions” button on the Modem Configuration tab of the X-CTU will go to the ftp site and retrieve the firmware. All firmware supported by the X-CTU is categorized according to the modem type, the function set and the firmware version number.

Once the firmware has been downloaded to the PC, the following steps can update the firmware on the radio:

  1. Attach an XTend radio to a PC or laptop using and RS-232 or USB interface board.
  2. Select the appropriate COM port in the X-CTU’s PC settings tab.
  3. Also in the PC Settings tab, choose baud rate: 9600, data bits: 8, parity: NONE, stop bits: 1
  4. Go to the Modem configuration tab
  5. 5In the drop down boxes select Modem: XT09, Function set: 9XTEND 115K HOPPING (MESHX). The firmware version box should fill in automatically to 8014. Click here for a screenshot.
  6. Check the “Always Update firmware” box.
  7. Hit the “Write” button.

A progress bar should appear and subsequent reads should show that version 8014 is loaded. More information on how the mesh firmware actually operates can be found in the XTend-Mesh manual.

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