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Power-down Sleep with the ConnectPort X3 gateway

The CPX3 sleeps at the lowest current possible by powering down completely. Only a small real-time clock chip remains active, using its alarm function to wake the CPX3 at a preset time. Since the ConnectPort X3 main processor *IS* the cellular module, it is not possible to power down the cellular module independent of the system.

All memory is cleared, and the CPX3 starts with a fresh boot each time it wakes. Your program must save a copy of any non-volatile data to flash before powering down.

See the page Module:digipowercontrol for details on use of the digipowercontrol.system_power_set() function which controls the power down / sleep.


A test of 1200 power-down & wake cycles showed the CPX3 averages 21.2 second after wake up before it processes the first line of user Python code. The fastest time seen was 20 seconds, the longest was 24 seconds.

Note that digipowercontrol.system_power_set(False, {duration}) powers down immediately and never returns. Open network sockets and files are NOT gracefully closed.

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