25 Internet of Things, M2M & Connected Product Experts Not to Miss on Twitter

Digi International
June 25, 2014

How do you get your Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) news? We all love surfing the Web, but who doesn’t want the latest and greatest information delivered in real-time? Here are 25 experts who will add M2M, IoT and connected product news to your Twitter feed.

Charlie Isaacs
Bio: CTO for Customer Connection at salesforce.com


Rob Faludi
Bio: NYU Professor, SVA professor, author: Building Wireless Sensor Networks, Collaborative Strategy Leader, R&D for Digi International, maker of plants that tweet.


Peggy Smedley 
Bio: Peggy Smedley is a renowned author; award-winning editor; entertaining public speaker; witty radio show host; and technology expert in M2M/connected devices.


Peter Coffee
Bio: VP for Strategic Research at salesforce.com working with app developers and CIOs to build a global community around cloud-based platforms as a service.


Klint Finley
Bio: Wired reporter, TechCrunch columnist, Mindful Cyborgs co-host, indoor enthusiast. 


Matt Richardson
Creative Technologist, ITP Resident Research Fellow, MAKE Contributing Editor, K2MRQ, and author


Jordan Husney
Bio: Strategy Director @ Undercurrent. Creating simplicity from complexity | Hacker and maker | NYC


Alicia Asin
Bio: Libelium’s CEO, engineer fascinated by what sensor networks and the Internet of Things can do in smart cities.


Jeff Kaplan
Bio: Cloud Computing, SaaS, & Managed Services Guru Serving IT/Business Decision-Makers, IT Solution Providers and Investors.


Reid Carlberg
Bio: Developer evangelist at salesforce.com and Internet of Things advocate.


Eric Goodness
Bio: M2M/IoT thought leader and market analyst at Gartner.


Adam Greenfield
Bio: Author of Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing Founder and managing director, Urbanscale, NYC.


Dave Evans
Bio: Cisco’s Chief Futurist and Chief Technologist for Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions @CiscoIBSG. Obsessed with technology, robots, and the future.


Joseph di Paolantonio
Bio: VP of Research and Principal Analyst and Constellation Research focused on analytics, data management and the Internet of Things.


Morgan Mullooly
Bio: Telecom industry analyst with Analysis Mason specializing in M2M and IoT technology.


Toymaker Television
Bio: Follow along as we video all of our crazy diy projects. Electronics, programming, avs, building musical instruments, and what ever else we get interested in.


Mike Szczys
Bio: Musician, Contributing Editor for Hackaday.com


WSN Blog
Bio: Tiny sensors tweeting over wireless links


Brian McLaughlin
Bio: Spacey Engineer developing systems for NASA and a GeekDad. Opinions shared are my own and I am not representing NASA.


Bio: Tracking the Internet of Things #iot


Bio: Everything Internet of Things; pulled in by @JamesChevalier


Limor ‘Ladyada’ Fried
Bio: Teaching, sharing, engineering, DIY electronic kits, open source hardware, arduino, raspberry pi, art, and hacking.


Jeff Bertolucci
Bio: Technology writer covering the Internet of Things and Big Data for Information Week.


Bio: Official Twitter page for Freescale Semiconductor (global leader of embedded processing solutions) to share insight on the technologies that power your world.


Bio: The twitter home of MAKE magazine.


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