A Successful Smart Water Management Solution using Digi IIoT Applications

A leader in providing simple and automated software applications, New Boundary Technologies is helping water utilities run more efficiently by providing real-time visibility of the entire infrastructure. Starting from the water source, throughout treatment and distribution, and during the final step of discharging from the treatment plant, their smart water management Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application provides actionable sensor data to help monitor business information more effectively. With this actionable data, organizations can make more insightful decisions and take actions when equipment failures are detected.

The software requires no custom development or coding, so users can be up and running in the market in days or weeks, rather than months or years. Watch this video to see how these industrial applications use Digi Remote Manager and Digi industrial routers to provide asset monitoring:

Using Digi cellular gateways and the New Boundary Technologies RemoteAware IIoT application service to monitor the status of critical equipment and infrastructure, technicians no longer have to make extra trips to check the status of sensors and equipment. Instead, they are notified immediately and automatically when an error is detected.

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