Art Hack Day: The Intersection of Art and Tech

Digi International
February 13, 2012

Art Hack Day, a 48 hour hack-a-thon, hosted 50-70 technologists, artists, makers and programmers who came together in a Brooklyn warehouse to produce a series of works part tech, part art for a one night only exhibition.

The event was a collaboration between three innovators and 319 Scholes, a Brooklyn gallery dedicated to promoting works at the intersection of art and technology.

The event hosted hackers, or those who make innovative customizations or combinations of electronic and computer equipment.

Marko Manriquez, Art Hack Day co-organizer and participant said, “It was a smashing success in terms of gathering such a large group from all over the country to participate. There were many times when I didn’t want it to end because of the creative buzz in the air.”

Marko created his own project, what he calls Moss Graffiti.

Living “moss graffiti” on the facade of 319 Scholes.

The Moss Graffiti was made using laser cut stencils and a blend of moss, beer, water and water retention gel. The Moss Graffiti serves dual functions to beautify urban spaces and as camouflage for C02 and VOC sensors embedded for monitoring air quality and vehicle exhaust for upload to Internet of Thing sites.

Marko can then monitor air quality via an application on the cloud.

As eco-graffiti or green graffiti, moss replaces spray paint or other toxic chemicals and reactivates liminal, junk space where moss “paint” grows on its own as a hybrid form of guerrilla gardening.

Marko has been working on moss graffiti and other “living materials” for a couple of years.

There are several pieces of Moss Graffiti up in Brooklyn, and Marko is hoping to expand.

One of the goals for Art Hack Day was to create a model for collaboration that could be implemented by other organizations in the future.

Marko and the team have plans to continue their own networked tech events. “Coming up in 2012 at 319 Scholes, we’ll be hosting five exhibitions and twelve music nights which will engage creative and networked technologies.”

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