Scott Nelson

Chief Product Officer and VP of Product

For over 25 years he has led product development and entrepreneurial business growth as both a technology and business leader. After beginning his career at Honeywell in the Corporate R&D center he spent the next 15 years at Logic PD as CTO and EVP. At Logic PD he worked with hundreds of companies on business strategy and new product introductions while growing the company’s Product Development business to one of the largest such service organizations in the country with design centers in Minneapolis, Boston and San Diego. As technology evangelist Scott connected to Silicon Valley and at present is a member of multiple tech start up advisory boards and a leading startup accelerator the Alchemist Accelerator. In 2014 Scott lead the development of a strategic partnership between Logic PD and Wellclub, a digital therapy company. Scott is presently the acting CTO of Wellclub. Scott received an HW Sweatt award while at Honeywell and was recently named a Titan of Technology by the MSP Business Journal. He holds a Ph.D. in applied and engineering physics from Cornell University, a doctoral minor in business administration from the Samuel Johnson School of Management at Cornell University and a B.A. degree in physics and mathematics from St. Olaf College. Scott is a sought-after speaker and contributor on topics related to IoT and connected devices. Nelson's involvement in technology in the local and national technology community reflects an ongoing and outstanding commitment to technology development and innovation.

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