IoT Trends

IoT Trends Digi is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner – IoT Competency Digi International
November 16, 2017
Thanks to the integration of AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass, Digi is making it easier to build, connect, and manage products.
IoT Trends Top Three Takeaways from Embedded Systems Conference 2017 Digi International
November 10, 2017
Leaders from Digi Wireless Design Services (WDS) will be joining top electrical engineering talent on stage at the Minneapolis Convention Center to present at the 2017 Embedded Systems Conference.
IoT Trends Internet of Things Device Security: Five Simple Steps (video) Digi International
July 13, 2017
Device security is a critical and complex step in designing an Internet of Things strategy. Digi's Chief Technology Officer, Joel Young, discusses five critical areas of IoT security.
IoT Trends Sensor Solutions for Industrial IoT at #Sensors17 Digi International
June 22, 2017
In one week the Digi team will be among thousands of engineering professionals at Sensors Expo & Conference 2017 (Booth...
IoT Trends Introducing NB-IoT Technologies for Cellular IoT Digi International
June 15, 2017
NB-IoT (also referred to as Narrowband IoT or NB1) is another new mobile data standard for the growing LPWA market,...
IoT Trends Introduction to LTE-M Cellular Technology Digi International
June 9, 2017
Introduction to LTE-M LTE-M (also referred to as LTE Cat-M or Cat-M1) is a new mobile data standard for the...
IoT Trends Security in the IoT: Digi XBee Cellular Featuring Digi TrustFence Jess Morris, Digital Marketing
May 18, 2017
Security for Connected Devices Embedded security is a critical requirement for a growing number of connected IoT applications and devices....
IoT Trends Top 5 Questions to Ask When Securely Deploying & Managing Remote Devices Jess Morris, Digital Marketing
May 12, 2017
Does my vendor do Penetration Testing? Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, tests for vulnerabilities that an attacker could...
IoT Trends Internet of Things in Review at IoTFuse: Conference 2017 Digi International
May 2, 2017
IoTFuse put on a great event about a week ago at the Minneapolis Convention Center and Digi team members were...
IoT Trends T-Minus Two Days Until IoTFuse Ignites Minnesota’s IoT Space Digi International
April 19, 2017
Over the last few years, IoTFuse has transformed into the largest IoT conference in Minnesota creating a massive network of...
IoT Trends 4 Top Questions About the Future of Cellular Networks in IoT Digi International
February 17, 2017
Recently, two of our product managers sat down with M2M Zone for an in-depth discussion about connectivity types in the...
IoT Trends 3 Reasons Wireless is a Great Solution for Demanding Conditions Digi International
February 10, 2017
The following is an excerpt from our recent brief, Purpose-Built for Industrial Applications. Industrial ecosystems can be unpredictable and are...