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5 Tech Boards You Should Be Following On Pinterest

Yes, you read it correctly, Pinterest. Think Pinterest is only for foodies and event planners? You’ll see how pins and tech can go hand-in-hand and after checking out these boards, and you’ll be a believer if you aren’t already. Pinterest has become an awesome resource for everything from DIY projects to collections of tech gadgets. Here are 5 awesome boards you should be following.

1. “Geeks Only” by CNET
A collection that will please all types of geeks.




2. “Quotes” by The Next Web
Inspiring quotes about technology and the future.




3. “Making Data Work” by GE
Data visualizations are a powerful way to simplify complexity. GE shares visualizations that advance the conversation about issues that shape our lives.




4. “High tech – always on the edge” by PCMag
High tech gadgets, web trends, software, photography, audio and video.




5. XBee Projects by Digi International
XBee projects big and small, from a wireless sheep herding machine to a “gas cap” the measures methane output.




Share the boards that you love in the comments section below or on Twitter so we can continue to update this list.

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