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Digi at Parallax Expo

This weekend Digi shared its technology at the Parallax Robotics & Microcontrollers Expo in Rocklin California. The Expo included vendors, robot competitions, robot demonstrations, training for kids of all ages in soldering and programming, tours of the Parallax manufacturing facility and some pretty amazing quadcopter flights. We donated two iDigi starter kits and five Building Wireless Sensor Networks books to a raffle that benefits the local food bank. Despite some rain, the event was packed with families and enthusiasts both days, a few of whom had come from overseas just to attend.

We were really impressed with a new SumoBot setup that uses XBees to transmit accelerometer data from a remote tilt controller, and a quadcopter recovery system for XBee broadcasts of GPS data in case of an “unexpected landings.” I also got a chance to present my Fun with XBees talk that shares some of the astonishing creative work people are doing with iDigi, ConnectPorts and XBees. Next up is Maker Faire Bay Area, so come see us there!

In the meantime, here’s some more photos from the Parallax Expo:


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