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iDigi Becomes Device Cloud by Etherios

As you may have noticed, we’ve made some changes. While change can be tough, it can also be exciting– and this is one change that we’re thrilled to share. iDigi is now Device Cloud. This new branding emphasizes that Device Cloud works with any manufacturers’ hardware. And, we’re adding the cloud experience and expertise of Etherios.

Etherios, which is a new division of Digi International, is a Salesforce.com Cloud Alliance Platinum Partner and a widely recognized cloud computing services provider. The [self proclaimed] “Etherians” help organizations realize and implement their cloud strategy.

With the new brand, we’re working to emphasize that Device Cloud is the easiest, smartest and sleekest way for organizations to connect devices to applications with any hardware– ours or any other manufacturers’.

We know what you’re wondering– what’s going to change?
In addition to the new name, you’ll notice a new logo and color scheme. The platform will continue to offer device-agnostic management, data streaming, open application programming interfaces (APIs) and state-of-the-art security features. It’s our mission: any app, anything, any where, accelerated.

Rebranded Platform

Check it out now:

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The iDigi Connector is now Etherios Cloud Connector. If you don’t already know, Cloud Connector is a free software download that enables connection of any device, regardless of manufacturer or operating system, to Device Cloud. This enables access to the device from any application. Cloud Connector even runs on low-cost microprocessors without an operating system.

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Read the press release here.

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