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Digi’s Involvement in Connecting Light Lives On

Digi‘s involvement in the art installation, Connecting Light, continues to live on as people explore the inner workings of the 73-mile long presentation. Here are three articles that take a deeper look into the network of 400 connected balloons.

Hadrian’s Wall Roman heritage site uses M2M to enable 73-mile art installation on M2M Now

“The light installation consisted of hundreds of large scale, light filled balloons transmitting colours from one to another, creating a light-operated communication network spanning over seventy miles. Connecting Light was driven by Digi International’s iDigi Device Cloud, Programmable XBee radios and ConnectPort X4 cellular gateways. Digi Professional Services helped to design the network architecture as an ‘internet of things solution’.”


M2M technology powers a 70-mile-long art installation
on Land Mobile

“The art project was connected by the company’s iDigi Device Cloud, a ready-to-use device cloud networking platform. This provided the backbone of the project, supplying the infrastructure required to access, control, configure and upgrade each illumination device securely over the Internet.”



Apples and Walls in Components in Electronics (page 42)

“…400 illuminated balloons were lit up along its [Hadrian’s Wall’s] length to demonstrate M2M communications powered by the iDigi Device Cloud. The balloons pulsated in clour and in sync with each other thanks to XBee RF modules in what was basically a 117km long Zigbee network.”



Learn More About Connecting Light

On Thursday, October 4 at 8:00pm (EST), Rob Faludi, Collaborative Strategy Leader and Jordan Husney, iDigi Product Manager will present the Webinar: Connecting Light – The Ultimate XBee & iDigi Project.

This webinar is your chance to discover how Connecting Light came together and how Digi International’s iDigi Device Cloud, along with over 400 programmable XBee radios and 20 ConnectPort X4 cellular gateways, helped make it happen. Rob and Jordan will also cover how the application logic of such an art installation, which recently won the M2M Best Practice Awards at this year’s M2M Summit in Dusseldorf, can be used for industry projects.

You can sign up for the webinar here.

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