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Technology for Connected Art Exhibits a Model for Innovative Business

We’ve been sharing a lot of information about Connecting Light, the art installation that will span the length (73 miles) of Hadrian’s Wall in England. The project is certainly exciting and inspirational, but a truly amazing aspect of the project is the sweeping scope of the technology used.

The same Digi International technology used to create the communications network that transmits audience-generated messages represented as pulses of brightly colored light over 73 miles is also used to create networks that save lives and protect business assets.

Connecting Light is driven by Digi International’s iDigi Device Cloud, Programmable XBee radios and ConnectPort X4 cellular gateways. Digi Professional Services helped to design the network architecture as an Internet of Things solution.

How the Technology Works for Connecting Light

Audience members can send text messages to the Connecting Light application which lives on the iDigi Device Cloud. The iDigi Device Cloud sends those messages to ConnectPort X4 cellular gateways which then “speak” to specific balloons filled with Programmable XBee Radios along the wall. The artists can then easily monitor each balloon’s status and manage the light patterns through the Connecting Light Web site, and spectators can control the balloons with their mobile phones.


How the Technology Creates Business Solutions

Connecting Light is a perfect example of centrally controlling remote devices. As with Connecting Light, Digi creates systems for businesses that allow anyone with an Internet or cellular connection to communicate with a remote device. For example, it’s the same advanced infrastructure that hospitals use to monitor patient ventilators, infusion pumps or dialysis machines, and that forward-thinking power utilities use to network their entire grid.

The system was assembled by Digi Professional Services team in the same way they connect dynamic message signs along highways, smart thermostats for utility networks and patient monitoring devices for assisted living facilities.


The iDigi Device Cloud is available free to anyone, for up to 5 devices. So, what are you waiting for? You can sign up for iDigi here.

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