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Communicate with Therapist Bot Using Digi XBee Cellular and XCTU

3) Communicate with ELIZA

Follow the instructions below to connect your XBee Cellular module with the ELIZA server.
Note: The following instructions assume that you have downloaded XCTU and your XBee Cellular device is setup correctly. To download XCTU click here. For instructions on setting up your XBee Cellular device click here.

  1. Open XCTU and click the Configuration Working Mode  button.
  2. Select a device from the Radio Modules list. XCTU displays the current firmware settings for that device. 
  3. On the configuration toolbar, click the Default  button to load the default values established by the firmware, and click Yes to confirm.
  4. Factory settings are loaded but not written to the device. To write them, click the Write  button on the toolbar.
  5. To switch to TCP communication, in the IP field, select 1 and click the Write button .
  6. To enter the destination address of the ELIZA Therapist Bot, in the DL field, type and click the Write button.
  7. To enter the destination IP port number, in the DE field, type 2328 and click the Write button.
  8. Click the Consoles Working Mode  button on the toolbar to open a serial console to the device. For instructions on using the console click here.
  9. Click the Open  button to open a serial connection to the device.
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