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Aron Hui

RF Hardware Engineer, Digi International

Aron Hui
Aron Hui is an RF hardware engineer in the Wireless Design Services group within Digi that specializes in providing RF technical solutions. Aron started his career in 2016 at Digi-WDS as an intern before graduation in 2017, when he became a core member of the team. Cultivated by the client-centric, forward-thinking and innovative culture of Digi WDS, Aron has brought technical solutions to a wide range of customers with high level of satisfaction. Within the first 4 years of his career, he has worked on products in the industries of automobile, aviation, medical wearables/implants, asset tracking, lighting, traffic control and much more. His technical expertise includes miniaturized mobile device antenna design, RF system development, RF desense debugging and wireless device certification support.

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