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1024 Radios in XBee Digi K-Node

How do you test networks of over 1000 XBee radios? In this new video Jared Hofhiens, Digi’s XBee Product Manager, offers an inside peek at the company’s Kilo-Node test fixture where giant wireless networks are put through their paces at the company’s Lindon, Utah offices.

Each “blade” of the K-Node holds 32 XBee radios, with variable RF attenuation so that effective distance between the radios can be changed for different simulations. Multiply that by 32 blades in a test fixture and you get 1024 radios total! Hofhiens says, “This flexibility allows us to simulate anything from pipeline monitoring to streetlight controls or home energy management systems.That’s what makes the XBee the most reliable, most tested RF module on the planet!”

Learn more about XBee RF modules: http://www.digi.com/xbee

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