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Digi Employee Hackathon: Lindon Edition v2

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July 10, 2015
Another Digi employee hackathon has come to a close! Rob paid a visit to our team out in Utah to hold a hackathon with Digis development staff. This continues what has become a tradition at Digi over the last couple years.
Each event has led to the creation of a number of product improvements and other fun and whimsical projects. Another important benefit is that it gives everyone a chance to collaborate with those they dont normally work with on a day-to-day basis.
Heres a look at the winning project.
AT Command Database
The winners of our recent hackathon created an incredibly useful tool for both developers inside our company and for our customers. The teams final prototype is a new centralized system for managing XBee, XTend and our other radios AT command info across our entire wireless product line. Digis wireless products use these AT commands to manage setup, networking, security, sensors, actuators, battery use, diagnostics and many more functions.
There are hundred of useful commands that need to be managed, tested and shared between our products, libraries, software and documentation. In addition, the commands are implemented by our partners in third-party products and tools. Changes, updates and corrections to the commands need to be kept in sync across all these implementations, and absolute accuracy is essential.
Prior to Team AT-DBs creation, the process for maintaining up-to-date AT command information involved lots of coordination and double-checking. We also needed a more efficient way to accurately process updates when changes occur, and share these with our partners and customers. Each command has a specific syntax, description, parameters and defaults. Certain commands must be implemented differently for different protocols. Details matter!
Here are the main benefits the group demonstrated with their new prototype:
  • The ability to audit radio descriptors and test firmware updates against a single, authoritative source.
  • Automatic synchronization services for Digi software like XCTU, and also for third-party software development partners.
  • Electronic documentation support functions and enhanced support for automated testing.
  • A user friendly front end interface that can be enhanced as new use cases arise.
Hackathons keep us creative and excited about our work as its an opportunity to try out new ideas. Successful prototypes like this one inspire and help implement the innovative systems necessary to making and maintaining Digis mission-critical products.
Check out this page to see other projects and ideas developed at past Digi Hackathons.