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Digi hosts 500 Sensors & Three Days of Data: The Data Sensing Lab at Google I/O

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July 13, 2013
The webinar "500 Sensors & Three Days of Data: The Data Sensing Lab at Google I/O" discussed the 500 sensor-node network and the data the network collected at Googles developer conference, Google I/O, as part of The Data Sensing Lab. The sensor data was collected by Device Cloud and can be accessed through the Google Cloud Platform. The platforms worked together seamlessly to collect more than 500,000 data points per hour for three days during Google I/O.
The webinar was hosted by three presenters who each played a role in the project:
Rob Faludi, Chief Innovator & Data Sensing Lab team member
Julie Steele, Content Editor & Data Sensing Lab team member
Michael Manoochehri, Developer Programs Engineer at Google
You can see the recording of the webinar below.
We also wanted to follow up on some of your questions that we didnt get to answer during the webinar.
Q: What options are available to connect the Gateway to the Device Cloud?
A: Digis ConnectPort gateways typically connect to Device Cloud over the Internet using a secure TCP connection. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite interfaces are available.
Q: Is there a specific commercial application in the market or any industry?
A: Distributed sensor networks are widely used in commercial real estate, agricultural and industrial monitoring.
Heres some more use cases:
Electric Utility
Q: Do you plan to make the circuit diagram of the Arduino based sensor available to the public?
A: All currently published DIY assets from the Data Sensing Lab are available online here.
Q: Can Device Cloud accept any data format?
A: Device Cloud can accept arbitrary data into files, so in theory this could support any needed format.
Q: Is there any open-source solution available for running a local (sandboxed) version of Device Cloud?
A: Device Cloud runs on a specialized suite of servers. It is not currently available as a local application.
Q: What kind/count of gateways were used to bridge the sensors to the databases?
A: The Data Sensing Lab at Google I/O used 20 ConnectPort X2e gateways to bring sensor data into Device Cloud. A multiple gateway strategy was very important because no on-site testing could be done before the event, so we used a highly conservative network topology to provide redundancy and ensure complete coverage.
Q: What kind of method does Device Cloud use for Push notification? HTTP POST, email, FTP, custom socket...?
A: Currently HTTP and TCP transport methods are available.
Q: What kind of security do you provide for data stored in Device Cloud and what kind of security implemented for managing devices in network?
A: There are over 175 security controls! Read more on our site here.
Q: What do I need to get started? [sensors... a microcontroller...a device cloud account...]
A: One easy way to get started is with a Digi XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit. Theres also maker-oriented XBee Internet Gateway software that you could use to roll your own kit.
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