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Introducing Digi Foundations - An IoT Connectivity Management and Support Service

Digi Foundations BadgeDigi has just announced Digi Foundations™, a comprehensive product and service package for IoT network managers. The package includes cellular hardware, a sophisticated device management application, 24x7 technical support and warranty protection. See the press release for details of the announcement.

To help customers create a more connected and cohesive digital ecosystem, Digi Foundations provides everything needed to deploy and manage IoT devices, no matter how large or complex your network may be.

You can now access, connect and analyze data collected from all devices, including those at the edge. Digi Foundations is fully compatible with a range of third party cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform, for easy integration across the IoT stack. These capabilities give you the insights needed to improve business processes, react to changing operational needs and accelerate decision making.

Four key components comprise the Digi Foundations service and support package:

  1. Digi HardwareDigi industrial-hardened routers are designed to provide secure 3G, 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced connectivity, to support the collection and management of critical data in demanding locations and environments. Digi can also support your quest to be 5G-ready.
  2. Digi Remote Manager: DRM is a secure, sophisticated management application that lets you monitor, control and maintain your distributed IoT devices, and manage data at the edge. For example, you can schedule mass firmware updates across your IoT ecosystem, and receive real-time alerts on the condition of your devices and assets. DRM can diagnose and even fix certain issues to keep your network operating at optimal levels – without the cost of a truck roll.
  3. Digi Expert Support: Get 24x7 support to help resolve installation or configuration issues, answer technical questions or perform troubleshooting to keep your project on track, so you can get to market on time and within budget. 
  4. Limited Lifetime Warranty: For additional peace of mind, Digi Foundations extends the standard 3-year warranty to a Limited Lifetime Warranty, with license-free enterprise software and ongoing firmware updates.

The trend today is toward holistic IoT solutions that synthesize the management of complex systems, provide clear insights into the condition and status of devices and assets – wherever they may be deployed – and create seamless integration between multiple tools, devices and platforms. See the Digi Foundations page for a complete overview of this packaged offering, or contact us to answer any of your questions.