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Its an Uncertain World: Are You Secure?

Digi International Digi International
July 06, 2016
Security is a mounting concern for both wired and wireless M2M networks.
Their data may seem mundane, but if this information is stolen, impeded, or altered, the potential consequences are too great, particularly in commercial and industrial applications.
IoT SecurityYet M2M networks are populated by small, defenseless devices that are designed to be simple and inexpensive.
With their limited electrical and processing power, desktop and mobile security measures like firewalls or passwords aren’t practical.
Digi acutely understands the need to safeguard M2M networks and offers Strengthening Security in Embedded IoT Solutions, an introduction to security options for designers of M2M implementations.
Reading this paper, you’ll learn about the four types of IoT threats and the tools available to identify and prioritize them.
You’ll discover the six core methods for achieving M2M security: packet encryption, message replay protection, message authentication code, debug port protection, secure bootloaders, and pre-shared keys.
By understanding the threats and means to counter them, you can greatly reduce the risks and vulnerabilities of your M2M networks.
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