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Q&A with Accelerated Engineer Kim Griffin

Digi International
September 27, 2016
[caption id="" align="alignright" ] Kim Griffin, Accelerated Engineer[/caption]
For our first Q&A session I took the opportunity to sit down with Kim Griffin, Director of Development at Accelerated, to dig into the new features in Accelerated View.
Tom: Hi Kim, you are a valuable member of the engineering leadership team. Thank you! Let’s talk Accelerated View—Having been here now some three and a half years, why do you think NetFlow is a cool new addition to Accelerated’s cloud based management tool?
Kim: Hi Tom, Sure! NetFlow allows for more in depth traffic analysis and bandwidth monitoring to answer questions that our customers typically ask… What are the top hosts? Who are the top talkers and applications? What are the common traffic sources and destinations with protocol and port information, and causes of congestion? All of this data is critical to network administrators when making decisions about network capacity, security, and utilization of the network infrastructure. Levels of productivity absolutely correlate with the efficiency of a network so having insight into the gritty details of how a network is being used and by whom is not only a cool feature, but in this day and age critical to successfully manage and maintain an efficient network.
Tom: Why you think customers care about cellular utilization?
Kim: It’s a combination of things. Many of our customers use cellular as a backup solution because of the high-bandwidth capability and the typically slow MMTR (Mean Time To Repair) of broadband connections. To make the backup connection more cost-effective, customers purchase data plans with a hard data limit to minimize the incremental cost of cellular over their landline primary solution. To ensure they are staying within the confines of their purchased plans, Cellular Utilization features in Accelerated View allow them to compare usage reported by their mobile carrier as a sanity check. When using cellular as a backup solution, Accelerated View reports showing consistent or spiking utilization of cellular would indicate network issues with their primary access method. Our graphical view of cellular utilization over specified periods of time gives network admins & planners a quick and easy way to monitor network utilization. Combining the graph with customizable alerts once a certain data plan threshold has been met enables customers to be proactive in managing their resources.
Tom: What else is in the pipe this year?
Kim: Cellular utilization tracking, data plan tracking, and threshold notification are the main updates on the way.
We also just hired a new Senior Application Architect: Jos Gutter. Jos brings with him a vast skillset of architecture design, development, integration, and implementation of enterprise systems. He has held several lead technical positions within AT&T working on everything from content delivery and distribution systems, to data collection and remote access reporting, iOS and Android application development. Most recently, Jos was a principle member of the technical staff at Salesforce.com where he was Product Owner of their monitoring and management tools. We are excited to have Jos on board and look forward to his contribution in expanding and enhancing the Accelerated View platform.
Tom: Thanks Kim. One last question? How’s the new office?
Kim: The new office is great. We have three times the space from this time last year giving us lots more room for our growing team!

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Accelerated is a leading designer and innovator of VPN, Cellular and OEM solutions, specializing in global cellular data network communications. Its industry-leading hardware and software productsand solutions provide primary and failover fixed wireless data connectivity for business continuityand cloud-based network management. Since the creation of its flagship NetBridge product in 2006, Accelerated continues to innovate and expand its line of cellular hardwarenetwork management software, and network function virtualization (NFV) technology. Accelerated offers a range of wireless WAN (WWAN)  products including the 6300-CX LTE Router6350-SR LTE Router, and 6300-LX USB Router series of LTE, 4G and 3G solutions ideal for retail or branch locations, Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) environments. More advanced communication products and technologies further complement its product line, including Accelerated’s HERO 9400-UA Universal Network Appliance5301-DC Dial-to-IP™ Converter, and 5400-RM Cellular Out-Of-Band (OOB) Remote Manager, a compact, high-performance, remote network management platform. All Accelerated products can be centrally managed using Accelerated View™ cloud-based network management software, in addition to Accelerated Care and Support. Accelerated is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Brisbane, Australia. For more information, visit Accelerated.com.

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