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Are You Ready for an LTE World?

Digi International Digi International
April 13, 2016
M2M applications have thrived using 2G, which offers low-cost certifications and modems and delivers single antennas. Faster 3G still offers single antenna options for simplicity and economy. Yet, now as both are gradually phased out, we live in an increasingly LTE world.
What does this portend for M2M applications that link via cellular networks? LTE is faster than 2G and 3G and, consequently, generally requires more expensive modems, certifications, and dual antennas. What about small devices like sensors whose implementations are viable because of their low cost?
In this white paper, M2M In An LTE World, you’ll discover that the future looks bright for M2M devices of all sizes in an LTE world.
The reason: the release of Cat M, a new LTE standard optimized for M2M devices. Cat M relies on single antennas and runs on the smallest, lowest cost and power LTE modems. In M2M In An LTE World, you’ll understand why LTE Cat M will be a boon for low-end M2M communications.

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