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IoT Trends Internet of Things Device Security: Five Simple Steps (video) Digi International
July 13, 2017
Device security is a critical and complex step in designing an Internet of Things strategy. Digi's Chief Technology Officer, Joel Young, discusses five critical areas of IoT security.
Technical Insights 5 Lessons Learned from the Mirai DDoS Attack Digi International
January 13, 2017
Security is always top of mind when it comes to IoT devices and applications. The recent Mirai DDoS attack in...
Applications Big Data and IoT Team Up for the Gaming and Lottery Industries Jess Morris, Digital Marketing
January 12, 2017
Online gaming and virtual gambling have risen significantly due to increased mobile accessibility, social media, technology advancements and expanded internet...
Technical Insights The 10 Security Factors Every Device Designer Should Consider Digi International
December 21, 2016
The following is an excerpt from our recent whitepaper, IoT Device Security, Built-in, Not Bolt-on: The 10 Security Factors Every...
Applications 3 Holiday DIY Internet of Things Projects Digi International
December 7, 2016
With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, the holidays are officially in full swing. To help get you in...
IoT Trends Planet e: Electronica and the IOT Digi International
December 1, 2016
The Digi team had a great time at Electronica 2016, a trade show that takes place every other year in...
IoT Trends The Past, Present, and Future of Remote IoT Security Jess Morris, Digital Marketing
November 17, 2016
The expansion of IoT applications allows more remote devices to wirelessly collect, store, and transmit information across vast networks and...
Applications PragmaTech Adds Internet of Things (IoT) Intelligence for Efficient Waste Management Digi International
November 15, 2016
To more efficiently monitor and manage waste containers, PragmaTech an innovative waste management consulting firm, developed Pandora. Pandora, a proprietary software,...
Cyber Security Vs. Physical Security: Is One More Important? Jess Morris, Digital Marketing
October 31, 2016
Cyber security has attracted a tremendous amount of attention lately due to recent cyber-attacks that have been publicized in the...
This Week in The Internet of Things: Friday Favorites Jess Morris, Digital Marketing
September 16, 2016
XBee MicroPython Examples Professor and chief innovations officer at Digi, Rob Faludi put together a saga of XBee MircoPython examples...
Applications Customer Showcase: Wireless Devices that Power Today’s Smart Cities Digi International
September 15, 2016
Every day Digi works with customers around the world to deploy connected solutions that businesses rely on. Connected devices help...
Applications Digi XBees Work to Transform Package Delivery with Connected Lockers Digi International
August 25, 2016
How many times have you missed an anticipated package delivery only to wait days for that one moment when the...