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Connecting Light Highlights

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Connecting Light made for an exciting time in northern England last week. From the preparation to deployment, Connecting Light was an experience to be remembered. We shared real-time updates on Facebook and Twitter, but here’s a collection of highlights and a behind-the-scenes look at preparation, before-launch demo, press and more.

After a long night of sorting XBees on Wednesday night, on Thursday, the Connecting Light team setup shop at Vallum Farm to prepare for the first on-site demo. The demo went well, and a few news outlets, including BBC, came by to get their first round of coverage. You can see photos from the prep and demo below, and you can check out more photos from the Connecting Light team here.

Also, here’s a great BBC video with David Sillito featuring some of Thursday’s preview footage and the installation’s premier on Friday night.

After mingling with VIP guests at the Roman Army Museum on Friday, Digi’s Collaborative Strategy Leader, Rob Faludi, had the opportunity to appear live on BBC News to explain how Connecting Light worked. It was the perfect time to please curious minds with the details of the installation. To film the piece, we went to a beautiful cliff that became home to a series of balloons for the night.

Here’s a full diagram to accompany Rob’s explanation and another video with even deeper detail.

Check out more photos and behind the scenes footage from the Connecting Light team on their blog here. Do you attend Connecting Light? Did you send a message? Share your experience and photos and videos!

Throwback Thursday

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We hope you enjoy this Digi International throwback video straight from the ’90s. We present to you “Here’s Digi” circa 1994.

What throwback tech photos or videos do you have? Share on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments section below. We’d love to share your Thursday throwback next week!

5 Tech Boards You Should Be Following On Pinterest

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Yes, you read it correctly, Pinterest. Think Pinterest is only for foodies and event planners? You’ll see how pins and tech can go hand-in-hand and after checking out these boards, and you’ll be a believer if you aren’t already. Pinterest has become an awesome resource for everything from DIY projects to collections of tech gadgets. Here are 5 awesome boards you should be following.

1. “Geeks Only” by CNET
A collection that will please all types of geeks.




2. “Quotes” by The Next Web
Inspiring quotes about technology and the future.




3. “Making Data Work” by GE
Data visualizations are a powerful way to simplify complexity. GE shares visualizations that advance the conversation about issues that shape our lives.




4. “High tech – always on the edge” by PCMag
High tech gadgets, web trends, software, photography, audio and video.




5. XBee Projects by Digi International
XBee projects big and small, from a wireless sheep herding machine to a “gas cap” the measures methane output.




Share the boards that you love in the comments section below or on Twitter so we can continue to update this list.

The Olympics and the Internet, for Better or for Worse?

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London 2012 Olympics Women’s Gymnastics Team Finals

The Internet has changed our lives in so many ways, including the way we experience in-real-life events. It can enhance our experiences, or allow us take part in an event we may never have been able to attend in person, but that doesn’t mean the latest and greatest technology does come without down falls.

Here are 5 articles, all of different sentiments, that exhibit how the Internet has changed our experience of the Olympics– for better or for worse.

Olympics video reflects Internet’s tension with TV on The Huffington Post

“Over the years, NBC also didn’t want to make too much available online for fear of cutting into its television audiences. That mentality changed this year…”

NBC Olympics — live from 1987 By Alexandra Petri on The Washington Post

“You can be on Twitter, or you can enjoy the Olympics on NBC, but you cannot do both.”

NBC’s Olympic Livestreaming Is a Step Forward. But Is It a Permanent One? By James Poniewozik on Time Entertainment

“NBC’s decision to livestream every event on the Web and via apps is a big improvement. Not for everyone! You need a cable or satellite subscription, which ain’t cheap; if your cable company is not part of the deal you’re out of luck…”

Olympics more social than ever on Gadget

“In 2008, only 6 million people were bothering to condense their thoughts into 140 characters to share on online and micro-blogging service, Twitter. Fast-forward from Beijing to London, and Twitter has morphed into a global behemoth, now sporting more than 500 million users.”

Feet of genius show we’re all connected to the Internet of Things By Rhodri Marsden on the London Evening Standard

“The London Olympics will be the most connected ever. Not only in terms of media coverage sent digitally across the world, but also the countless devices behind the scenes we’d never think of as requiring an internet connection…”

What have you enjoyed or disliked about having the Internet at your fingertips during the Olympics? Did you watch the US Women’s Gymnastics team win the Gold medal in real-time via live video-stream? Were you upset that your Twitter streamed ruined your plans to watch your Olympics after work? We want to know what you think. Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter.

Something that we love– the Internet has not only changed the games and viewing experience, it’s enabled amazing projects in celebration of the Olympics. You can see a list on the London Festival’s Website here.

Women in Tech: 5 Things You Need To Know

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Are you a woman in tech? Here are 5 things you need to know. This is a list of resources, events and inspiring groups that support women who are in tech now and provide information for those who are thinking about entering the field.

Etsy Hacker Grants: Supporting Women in Technology

Etsy announced a new scholarship and sponsorship program in collaboration with Hacker School, focused on bringing more women into Engineering jobs at Etsy and across our industry.

Etsy will be hosting the Summer 2012 session of Hacker School in their headquarters. The scholarship program will provide grants of $5,000 each — a total of $50,000 — to women who want to apply but need financial support to attend. Their goal is to bring 20 women to New York to participate in hopes that this will be the first of many steps that encourage more women to join the engineering industry.

Learn more about the Etsy Hacker Grants Program.

Get involved with the Etsy Hacker Grants Program:


Girl Develop It

Want to learn how to code? Have a great idea? Don’t be shy. Develop it.

Girl Develop It knows it can be intimidating for women to learn and ask questions when they are in an extreme minority. While open and welcoming, today’s budding developer community is up to 91% male. Girl Develop It believes if they can empower more females with the confidence in their technological capabilities we can begin to change this landscape.

Check out Girl Develop It classes, blog and materials


Huffington Post’s Women In Tech

Women in Tech, a series from HuffPostTech, features breaking news, photos and video about and for women in tech. Women in Tech showcases profiles of innovative female pioneers, from CEOs to scientists, entrepreneurs to engineers, who are changing the way we think about and engage with technology.

Stay updated with Women In Tech


Women Who Hack

Women Who Hack hosts casual weekend hacking get togethers for women. All types of projects, languages, platforms and experience levels welcome. Even though Women Who Hack specifically serves the Portland, Oregon area we wanted to share as an inspiration. If you’re in the area, we encourage you to join. If you’re not, Women Who Hack is a great example– start your own local group!

Learn more about Women Who Hack


Women Who Tech 

Women Who Tech brings together talented and renowned women breaking new ground in technology who use their tech savvy skills to transform the world and inspire change.

The 4th annual Women Who Tech TeleSummit will take place on May 23 from 11AM to 6PM ET. The TeleSummit will offer thought provoking discussions led by passionate and talented women in tech, startups, and social media including startup investor Joanne Wilson, WordPress usability expert Jane Wells of Automattic, Shaherose Charania, of Founders Labs and Women 2, Shireen Mitchell of Digital Sistas, Elisa Camahort Paige, of BlogHer, Kaliya Hamlin of She’s Geeky.

Register or learn more about Women Who Tech

Like this list? Keep an eye out for next week’s post, Women in Tech: 5 Women You Need to Know. If you know of a resource or woman that needs to be represented on our list let us know in the comments section or on Twitter.

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