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iDigi Evolving: New Features Increase Insight, Efficiency and Experience

We are always thinking about how to make iDigi work better for you. So, we’re excited to announce new features and the merge of iDigi device and developer accounts. The merge of device and developer accounts means you get the same free service of the iDigi platform for up to 5 devices, along with a seamless transition for scaling if you choose to add more devices in the future — many more, up to millions if you please.

Alarm Management and Notifications
Allows users to monitor the health of their network. Users can see hundreds or thousands of devices at once, receive status updates and categorize different issues to create specific responses.

iDigi Data Streams for Long Term Storage
Stores operational data for analysis. Where are the problems? What’s going well? Data streams create business intelligence that can reduce the time it takes to understand past behaviors and inform future strategy.

Universal Device Adaptor
This feature expands iDigi’s market. Any device, including those that cannot be modified, can still push data and utilize our cloud.

Merge of Device and Developer Accounts
Accounts can now grow from one test device to a million seamlessly and developer and device cloud accounts will be merged. This creates a better user experience by eliminating confusing signup choices. Users will enjoy the free service for up to five devices and transition directly to payment with the sixth.

What are you waiting for? Get your free iDigi account, here.
Want to learn more? Check out these short videos on the new features here.
Need some ideas on how to get started? Check out the Digi XBee Examples and Guides site.

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