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iDigi Web Services with Microsoft PowerShell

I put together some PowerShell scripts to query iDigi Web Services for my Dia data and display the results in a nice little .Net GUI applet called “Gridview”.  Gridview is a slimmed down spreadsheet-like application.  No math, but it is wonderful at filtering and sorting data!

I do a lot of tinkering with gateways, changing Dia code, checking the results on iDigi.  I find this tool very handy to quickly check if my data got up to iDigi.

Screen capture of iDigi Dia data in Microsoft Gridview applet

In addition to Gridview, you can also send or pipe the query results to other presentation objects like an HTML page (convertto-html), a CSV file (export-csv), and other tools provided by Microsoft and by the community.  You could also use the “foreach-object” loop to update a database.

I have posted several example scripts on the iDigi Developer Wiki to demonstrate using PowerShell with Dia data, Smart Energy data and Device (gateway) statistics.

I am interested to learn how many folks in the community use PowerShell, and if doing a more formal PowerShell integration would be of interest. If you find these useful, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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