What is your Internet device number?

Rob Faludi
October 28, 2011

The past few days while contemplating what the world will be like in the coming decade when the Internet of Things has really taken hold, I decided to count the number of Internet devices I have in my household today.  My number is 19.  5 computers, 4 mobile phones, 3 Apple TV’s, 1 iPad, 1 cable modem, 1 Wi-Fi router, 1 Withing weight scale, 1 Withing blood pressure monitor, 1 Wii and 1 Viper Smart Start.

What is an Internet device?  Anything that connects to the Internet and pushes or pulls data through it.  It might not be directly connected to Internet such as those devices that first connect to a Wi-Fi, but the device messages are then routed to a cable, DSL or satellite modem to the Internet.  The Wi-Fi access point and the cable/DSL/Satellite modem are part of the Internet’s edge infrastructure so I’m counting those as well.

To gain a little perspective on my number, I then thought about the number of Internet devices I had 10 years ago.  My number was 3.  One cable modem and 2 computers.  In ten years my number increased 5.6 times.  If the adoption trajectory remains the same, in ten years I will have over 100 Internet devices.  This may seem unrealistic.  I would argue it is no more unfathomable than one’s typical perception 10 years ago, had a prediction been proposed you would have 15 to 20 devices connected to the Internet in the next ten years. Statistically this prediction is flawed because the adoption curve is actually increasing in the past 2 years. What is more likely is that a typical household will have 100’s of Internet devices 10 years from now.

What will all those wonderful things do?  Get ready – the Internet of Things is coming.

What is your number?