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Providing Easily Accessible Remote Connectivity To Spas

The new technology gives me the ability to provide near real-time remote response, which has been a game changer for their business model. This connected solution has resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction while reducing my operational costs.

Providing Easily Accessible Remote Connectivity To Spas

Business Challenge

This industry leading spa manufacturer wanted to provide the next level of customer service by giving spa owners the ultimate peace of mind via remote connectivity to their spas. To do this, they needed to develop a connectivity solution that was reliable, seamlessly integrated, easily accessible and exclusive.

Annual warranty claims per spa averaged around $250 for the manufacturer and inefficient service resulted in an average $150 lost per machine per year. The spa manufacturer wanted to reduce these costs and increase customer satisfaction by providing features such as:

  • Remote monitoring and control, via internet and mobile
  • Cycle peak power consumption tracking
  • Fault alerts and service call scheduling
  • Remote diagnosis of spa performance


Digi partnered with the spa manufacturer to design an end-to-end solution including development of custom web and mobile apps for three stakeholder groups. Digi hosts, supports and maintains the final solution.

  • Connect: Digi provided connectivity to the spas through custom Wi-Fi enabled network monitors (Home Network Adapters and Spa Network Adapters) so owners can monitor run cycles and chemical balance of their spas, control the circuit breaker to power modules remotely and track overall spa performance.
  • Control: Spa data is collected, stored and managed in Digi Device Cloud, and used for various purposes by each stakeholder group.
  • Engage: Digi developed a custom application that includes three portal views for each stakeholder group – the manufacturer, dealers and end users. These custom views allow users to monitor their spas in real-time, allow dealers to optimize routes, audit pick-ups and perform remote reset and actuation, and give the manufacturer a complete view of all products in the field.


Each stakeholder now has access to information like never before. Since the deployment to 5,000 spas, the manufacturer has seen the following results:

  • Annual reduction in cost of over $2 million dollars from reduction in service delivery and warranty expenses.
  • New revenues streams through service opportunities, parts and replacement.
  • Improved customer satisfaction as evidenced by 50% reduction in average down-time.
  • Product differentiation through self-reporting spas.

The new technology also gives dealers the ability to provide near real-time remote response, which has been a game changer for their business model. They can also schedule service visits now based on preventative maintenance.

End users enjoy access to their spa data via web and mobile, allowing them to perform critical actions like controlling energy usage and remotely monitoring their spa, resulting in energy cost savings and the ultimate consumer experience.

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