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As Digi's global presence has grown, so too has our media coverage, from industry leadership to global M2M deployments. Digi is making news in outlets around the world.

Digi International Reports Third Fiscal Quarter 2020 Results

Press Release
Balance Sheet Strengthens on over $30M Debt Pay Down August 06, 2020

What's the deal with digital signage connectivity?

News Coverage Digital Signage Today In an interview with Brian Kirkendall, Digi's VP of Product, Digital Signage Today covers the important considerations for connectivity in digital signage applications, including regulatory concerns and environmental factors and reliability.July 17, 2020

Solving Edge Communication Challenges for Industrial IoT Applications

On Demand Webinar Cellular technology is increasingly the most sensible and cost-effective choice for remote connectivity, particularly where wired infrastructure is too expensive or impossible. It also provides opportunities for installing and managing highly secure deployments in industrial IoT applications. July 14, 2020 | Length: 45:45

Three times LPWA networks work best for backhauling short-range IoT sensor systems

News Coverage Enterprise IoT Insights This article covers Low Power Wide Area networks and how IoT technologies sometimes work better in concert. It provides insights from Digi VP of Engineering Scott Wilken on backhaul considerations when local, short-range sensor networking has to be carried over a long-range wireless network, to either a premise-based or cloud-based servers for data processing.June 30, 2020

Digi IX20 Industrial Router – Built for Extreme Environments

Video Digi International builds cellular devices for every use case, including the applications where the devices must work seamlessly under extreme conditions. This video takes you on a tour of the test process for the Digi IX20, built and ruggedized for applications such as digital signage, ATMs and kiosks. June 29, 2020 | Length: 3:09

Digi IX20 Unboxing

Video Here’s what to expect when your Digi IX20 arrives. Learn how the device is secured, right out of the box. You can also learn about the various features of the device to support your deployment requirements. June 29, 2020 | Length: 7:25

Digi IX20 – Rugged, Reliable, Flexible, Secure, Economical

Video The most demanding environments require the most robust and reliable routers. Digi IX20 is not only designed for challenging environments, but it is also outfitted with functionality to support reliable uptime, rock solid security, and remote management. June 29, 2020 | Length: 2:58

Digi International Introduces Versatile Digi IX20 Router for Industrial, Remote Location Monitoring and for Unattended Retail and Digital Signage Applications

News Coverage Digital Signage Connection Digital Signage Connection shared the announcement of Digi Digi X20, a versatile new industrial router designed to meet the needs of a range of applications, serving multiple geographic markets with one product SKU and supporting tools.June 29, 2020

Digi International Introduces Versatile Digi IX20 Router for Industrial, Remote Location Monitoring and for Unattended Retail and Digital Signage Applications

Press Release
Industrial router provides rugged, right-sized connectivity to support industrial infrastructure, critical assets, digital signage, retail kiosks, and service terminals June 29, 2020

Digi International introduces industrial router

News Coverage Kiosk Marketplace Kiosk Marketplace covered the new Digi IX20 industrial router, providing connectivity for industrial infrastructure, location monitoring and unattended retail applications. Digi IX20 also offers security and redundancy features for performance in harsh environments.June 29, 2020

Digi International Releases IX20 Industrial Router

News Coverage Embedded Computing Design Embedded Computing Design described the features of the newly announced Digi IX20, including integration with the Digi Remote Manager IoT device monitoring application that ‘unlocks’ IX20’s full potential, simplifying its data-driven insights and performance of the router. Digi IX20 is both certified and available for use in U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Columbia.June 29, 2020

Choosing the Right Cellular Solution for Your Application

On Demand Webinar The considerations for building an enterprise-grade network today depend upon the application requirements. These include the types of connections needed, the reliability of those connections, and the defense against cyber-attacks. The considerations fall under four critical pillars: Control, resilience, security and intelligence. June 25, 2020 | Length: 44:52

Solutions for Infrastructure Management – From Serial-to-Ethernet to USB-over-IP and more

On Demand Webinar Every IT department requires robust and secure networking and infrastructure management solutions, but from there the differences can be profound. You may have multiple USB-based devices that need to be secured and managed, or a dispersed set of branch offices that must all connect securely to the corporate network. Digi solutions are designed to meet the range of needs with the right options for ports, connectivity, and security. June 19, 2020 | Length: 52:05

Simplify and accelerate your development with Digi ConnectCore i.MX-based SOMs

On Demand Webinar Developing an IoT product is challenging, and as a result, a large percentage of embedded design projects fail due to the complexity of the development environment and a lack of internal expertise. But the choices developer teams make in selecting development tools can make all the difference. June 18, 2020 | Length: 49:42

Connectivity Solutions for Enterprise, Industrial and Transit Applications

On Demand Webinar Cellular routers today must be fast, reliable, secure, configurable, manageable and 5G migration-ready, as well as programmable and tailored to the application. Digi cellular routers meet this tall order, supporting a broad range of use cases, from enterprise connectivity for retail, business and branch office connectivity, to industrial IoT applications, transit and traffic management applications. June 17, 2020 | Length: 01:01:36

Accelerating Wireless Development with the Digi XBee RF Ecosystem

On Demand Webinar Embedded developers have multiple choices today in embedded development tools for wireless connectivity in IoT applications. It’s critical to look at the entire ecosystem of supporting features to see how they will help your team complete development with as few hurdles and challenges as possible. June 16, 2020 | Length: 48:59

Cellular Connectivity at the Forefront of Network Security

News Coverage Security Magazine In this article, Don Schleede, Digi's Information Security Officer, describes how new factors such as the dramatic rise of the remote workforce era has changed the security landscape. The article covers the key factors to consider as well as solutions to increase corporate security.June 15, 2020