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GSMA Thrive North America 2020

October 27-29, 2020

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Online Event Digi is Presenting

The Year of the Massive IoT Revolution Hosted by Telit

The transition from simple machine-to-machine connections to the complexity of IoT is well underway. The industry now recognizes that IoT projects will fall into one of two categories: critical IoT and massive IoT. Critical IoT applications are those that require extremely low latency and high uptime – bandwidth-hungry use cases such as telemedicine, first responder applications and automation — and others requiring a constant, data-rich connection to function. On the other hand, Massive IoT is driven by scale rather than speed. Massive IoT deployments can include anywhere from hundreds to billions of connected devices. The primary goal of these applications is to efficiently transmit and consume small amounts of data from vast numbers of devices, for example with connected cars, wearables, homes, cities and industrial IoT. While the demand for critical IoT applications will remain high, industry experts view 2020-2021 as the banner year for Massive IoT. In this session, industry experts will discuss the challenges of Massive IoT and share their knowledge and best practices for accelerating deployment of Massive IoT applications and services.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
1:45 pm - 2:45 pm Pacific Time


  • Ryan Chacon, Head of Business Development & Podcast Host, IoT For All
  • Henrik Kenani Dahlgren, Head of IoT Ecosystem & Partnerships, Ericsson
  • Dennis Kish, COO, Taoglas
  • Andrew Reiter, Product Manager, Digi International
  • Jeff Clemow, Vice President Strategic and Channel Sales NA, Telit

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