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ATEK Selects The Social Machine® by Etherios to Add Connected Intelligence to Its Products

The Social Machine Enables ATEK to Leverage the Internet of Things for Real-Time, Preventative Customer Service

MINNETONKA, Minn. (November 18, 2013) – Etherios, a division of Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII), today announced ATEK, the preferred partner with technologies that optimize access to essential data and systems, has deployed The Social Machine to transform their remote TankScan™ devices into connected, Internet of Things products. Using The Social Machine, ATEK can now offer preventative rather than reactive customer service to its global customers.

ATEK’s connected tanks report back to the organization via the Salesforce Platform™ with real-time predictive information on the status of every deployed device.  Now, ATEK can provide service as specific issues are flagged, before they turn into larger problems. This paradigm shift effectively transforms their customer service into a preventative, rather than reactive, activity, driving increased operational efficiencies.

“The Social Machine works with TankScan™, ATEK’s remote level monitoring solution for tanks that contain various liquids.  It provides critical service information about the health and well-being of every device that we have in the field—which allows us to step up our game in providing service options to our end users,” said Sherri McDaniel, president of ATEK. “We now have additional solution offerings for our customers that solve their end-to-end needs and provide additional revenue streams for ATEK. By being able to predict failures, we can better forecast and schedule maintenance activities and lower operating and maintenance costs.”

“Machine downtime equates to hundreds of thousands of lost dollars per day. Ensuring that machinery and critical equipment downtime is minimized through preventative maintenance drives efficiency gains, reduces costs and increases revenue,” said Mike Dannenfeldt, senior vice president of Etherios. “Efficiency gains as small as 1% can change entire industries. GE estimates that over 15 years, a 1% efficiency gain could result in $90B in savings in the oil and gas industry.”

The Social Machine enables organizations to seamlessly connect products into core business processes on the Salesforce Platform, transforming raw machine data into actionable business information. Products can automatically inform a support organization before they break down. Combined with data analytics, customer service can move from a reactive to preventative service model. Data can be shared with research and development to drive improvements in next-generation products. High usage can result in a notification to the sales team creating up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. With innovations made possible by The Social Machine, organizations can listen to their connected products and create new levels of internal collaboration, breaking down silos, getting closer to their customers and unlocking new sources of productivity gain.

For more information about The Social Machine, visit http://www.etherios.com/products/the_social_machine.

About Etherios

Etherios, a division of Digi International, works with organizations of all sizes and across a diverse range of industries to deliver best-in-class cloud-based products and services. Capabilities encompass advisory, salesforce.com, wireless design and M2M consulting services. Etherios also offers cloud-based products, Device Cloud by Etherios™ and The Social Machine®. Together, these product and service offerings uniquely position Etherios as your end-to-end M2M cloud solution expert. Etherios is a salesforce.com Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner with offices in Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and San Francisco. For more information, visit www.etherios.com.

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