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Accelerated Announces Verizon-Certified, LTE-Advanced Category 6 Modem for 6350-SR Modular LTE Router

The recently certified 1002-CM06 LTE-A Plug-In enables improved LTE connectivity for businesses relying on the 6350-SR router as a primary or backup source of Internet access

TAMPA, Fla. – May 9, 2017 – Accelerated, a provider of cellular (LTE) networking equipment, today announces the Verizon certification of its 1002-CM LTE-Advanced Cat 6 Plug-In modem. This modem is now available to provide LTE-Advanced speeds on Verizon’s highly reliable 4G LTE network. Accelerated’s 6350-SR Modular LTE Router is a compact, affordable, high-performance router powered by the newly available LTE-A plug-in modem.

Accelerated’s family of 1002-CM modems allows customers to select the cellular connection that best meets their speed, budget, fallback-network, and geographic requirements. As new LTE technologies become available Accelerated will launch additional versions of the 1002-CM LTE Modem, which will be available for use in the 6350-SR LTE Router and future Accelerated products. The modular nature of the 1002-CM Plug-In Modem helps mitigate technological obsolescence by allowing customers to upgrade to newer LTE standards without replacing their Accelerated router.

“Offering LTE-Advanced capability for the 6350-SR Router through the 1002-CM Plug-in Modem positions it as a superior solution for large locations, or data-intensive applications that require reliable, high-speed connectivity,” said Tom Butts, CEO and founder of Accelerated. “The 6350-SR is the ideal solution for digital signage providers wanting to connect multiple displays using the 6350-SR’s cellular and Wi-Fi capabilities. It also provides small offices with VPN and firewall security services and the capability to support IP voice calls.”

The 6350-SR is a compact, feature-rich router with the following key features:

  • Support for 2 SIM cards
  • Auto-switching between different cellular carriers with Carrier Smart Select™
  • WAN Load Balancing and Failover
  • 5x Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Ports
  • Optional Wi-Fi

The 6350-SR can also be fully managed through Accelerated View™, its cloud management portal. Accelerated View features proactive alerts, remote configuration, firmware updates, and location services. The platform also allows for unlimited scalability as well as complete control over security and accessibility of Accelerated devices.

About Accelerated

Accelerated is an enterprise-grade provider of cellular (LTE) networking equipment for primary or backup networking applications. Providing the backbone for failover, as well as M2M and IoT solutions, Accelerated delivers cellular business continuity and internet access to areas with limited broadband availability. Since the creation of its flagship product in 2006, Accelerated continues to innovate its product line to better meet the needs of customers ranging from retail to manufacturing in today’s increasingly connected world.

Accelerated PR Contact
Lauren Jaeger
Uproar PR for Accelerated
312-878-4575 x245

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