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Digi Continues to Set the Standard in Patented M2M and Wireless Innovation

Five New U.S. Patent Awards in RF Expertise Span Signal Propagation, Power Efficiency, Wireless Antennae and Smart Energy

MINNETONKA, Minn. – May 19, 2015 – Digi International®, (NASDAQ: DGII, www.digi.com), the M2M solutions expert, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company five new U.S. patents. Digi’s new patents – which expand its intellectual property (IP) portfolio to 108 issued patents.

The newly issued patents protect key technological advances in radio frequency (RF) technology in signal propagation, power efficiency, wireless antennae and smart energy. For example, one patent covering Digi’s RF Chirp Signal Propagation Delay Measurement is the first patent Digi has in support of its Digi XLR PRO™ wireless radio with Punch2® Technology. Digi XLR PRO provides superior throughput and range (1 to 100+ miles), even in extremely noisy environments, over unlicensed spectrum and is ideally suited for industries with remote assets such as oil and gas exploration/production, utilities and precision agriculture.

“A lot of companies talk about innovation,” said Joel Young, chief technology officer at Digi, “but Digi is able to demonstrate the fruits of our commitment to research and development. The steady stream of patents we have earned from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office underscore the depth of our engineering expertise and the talents of our team – all of which help our customers solve problems and create opportunities. For 30 years, our customers have turned to Digi for smart, innovative solutions they can’t find anywhere else.”

New patents awarded by USPTO
  • Patent No. 8,976,060 – RF Chirp Signal Propagation Delay Measurement – This is the first patent supporting Digi’s groundbreaking Punch2 Technology in the Digi XLR PRO family of RF radios and is the first of nine patents pending in connection with the product.
  • Patent No. 8,970,443 – Compact Balanced Embedded Antenna – Reflecting the demand for smaller, more cost-effective antennae, Digi has been a leading innovator in the design of small, embedded antennas, which help reduce costs and minimize breakage. This is the sixth antenna patent for Digi.
  • Patent No. 8,982,754 – I/O Driven Node Commissioning in a Sleeping Mesh Network – Part of the DigiMesh™ wireless networking system enables battery-operated sensors to operate in sleep mode, while still providing performance levels more commonly associated with fully powered Mesh networks. This capability brings new levels of efficiency to process control operations and industries such as oil and gas.
  • Patent No. 8,990,256 – Smart Energy Configuration Using Link Key Database – Digi continues to be a leader in smart energy implementations using wireless networks, particularly with ZigBee – an open, global wireless standard that enables simple and smart objects to work together. This is the company’s 10th patent in its burgeoning portfolio of smart energy intellectual property.
  • Patent No. 9,013,190 – Digital Delay Measurement – Further illustrating Digi’s prowess in RF technologies, this patent provides a method to determine the distance between two radio nodes through accurate measurement of delay. This type of technological advancement is helping enable low-cost location determination capabilities and impact location-aware wireless sensor networks to create new classes of applications.

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