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Digi International Advances its Connect Tank Product for Wireless Monitoring of Remote Tanks

Newest version delivers secure and flexible platform for remote tank monitoring over cellular networks

MINNETONKA, Minn. – Oct. 19, 2015  – Digi International®, (NASDAQ: DGII, www.digi.com), the M2M solutions expert, today introduced its newest version of Digi Connect® Tank, a fully integrated, cellular-enabled remote tank-level monitoring device designed to help companies manage remote tank assets efficiently and cost effectively through up-to-the-minute tank level and location data. 
Featuring integration with the Digi Device Cloud, Connect Tank allows companies that own or manage large numbers of tanks to optimize their operations by routing fleet and personnel efficiently, resulting in reduced transportation and fuel costs and increased supply chain predictability. Connect Tank is the only option that allows companies to monitor tank levels from within their own enterprise without the need to purchase third-party monitoring applications, and easily integrates into existing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) applications.
This newest version of Connect Tank is highlighted by:
  • Small form factor ideal for use in a broad range of tank applications,
  • Local configuration and debug interface for configuring cellular interface and viewing device status,
  • An optional integrated GPS receiver with automated position reporting,
  • An integrated, non-contact ultrasonic liquid level sensor by Massa Products Corporation,
  • UL Class 1 / Division 2 rating sensors for hazardous environments,
  • A durable NEMA 4 enclosure that extends sensor life and application environments,
  • Self-powered and sleep-enabled sensors that deliver extended battery life (two-to-three years with normal usage), and
  • Expanded APIs for integration with enterprise applications.
Connect Tank addresses the market need for an affordable and reliable remote tank monitoring product that eliminates inefficient manual management and measurement methods based on predetermined or historical patterns. By using cellular technologies, Digi Connect Tank can be installed in locations where wired network infrastructure may not available. With Connect Tank, installations are constantly able to ascertain tank levels for delivery or evacuation of materials as well as be alerted to potential leaks or security concerns. Digi Connect Tank is ideal for oil, waste oil, chemical, water, wastewater, agriculture and other inventory level monitoring applications. 
“We looked at a number of providers. Digi had the resources, products and experience U. S. Water required,” said Michael Henk, strategic business leader, equipment service and automation at U.S. Water. “With the system in place, we provide a higher level of customer service, while freeing up our field engineers’ time so they can focus on higher value tasks.  We’ve experienced direct increases in customer retention, corporate sales and pull-through revenue streams as a result of the remote automation solution.”
Digi Connect Tank seamlessly integrates data streams into the Digi Device Cloud, enabling companies to quickly connect and manage their remote assets using any application. Device Cloud's open architecture makes it easy to connect with any device and provides organizations with a secure platform to remotely manage and control their devices in the cloud.
“Digi Connect Tank features a unique, integrated approach that eliminates the need for additional infrastructure investment and installation,” said Jeff Liebl, vice president and chief marketing officer, Digi International. “The newest version of Connect Tank with Digi’s Device Cloud supports integration with existing enterprise or cloud solutions and enables remote tank monitoring capabilities where before they weren’t financially viable.”
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