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Volume 1, Issue 1
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XBee Helps Power the Next Generation of Prosthetic Limbs
XBee Feature 1
XBee was recently featured in a FastCompany article about a 17-year-old maker who is changing the world. After meeting a young girl with a prosthetic arm, Easton LaChapelle discovered a need in the market for affordable artificial limbs. Using 3D printers, XBee modules, flex sensors, custom PCB boards and servo shields, Easton has reinvented the traditional prosthesis. Read More >

Like many XBee enthusiasts, Easton is self-taught, starting out with an Arduino and direction from online communities like Instructables, SparkFun and Hack a Day. We'd love to hear what you're making with XBee. Submit your project and you could be featured in our newsletter!
Tech Tip: Use XBee without a Microcontroller
XBee Feature 2
Recently a customer asked us if they could send a single command to a remote module to set the states of multiple Digital outputs. Well if you are using the XBee/XBee-PRO 802.15.4 modules the answer is, Yes! You can use the IO command to change the states of multiple Digital output pins with a single AT command. Read More >
XBee-PRO 900HP Delivers 28-Mile LOS Range
XBee Feature 3
This little 1.3 x 1 inch XBee radio packs a serious punch, with a 28-mile range in the 900 MHz frequency band. With interfaces that include UART or SPI, 15 digital I/O pins, 4 ADC pins, and 2 PWM outputs, the XBee-PRO 900HP is capable of wirelessly connecting virtually any device or sensor and transmitting data across long distances. Read More >
XBee Helps Prevent Forest Fires
XBee Feature 4
XBee-enabled fire detection sensors are helping protect wildfire-prone areas. Using XBee modules plus Digi's cellular gateways and Device Cloud, authorities can be notified of a fire within seconds. The XBee's flexibility means each system can be modified based on the customer's communication requirements. Read More >
XBee Puzzler

The first 3 people to submit the correct answer will receive a free XBee-PRO 900HP S3B Development Kit!

Using the IO command described in this month's Tech Tip, what would be the correct API frame, including checksum, to set a locally connected XBee 802.15.4 module to the following digital output settings?







Submit your answer here.

XBee Example Projects
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