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RabbitNet™ Series


Expandable Control Boards

  • 8 channels of 12-bit analog output
  • 24 protected and filtered digital inputs
  • 16 high-speed protected sinking/sourcing digital outputs
  • 6 SPDT Relays
  • 10A maximum switching current (5A DC)
How to Buy

The RabbitNet signals are differential RS-422, which are series-terminated at the source. Peripheral cards and master controllers connect using a standard CAT5/6 Ethernet cable or a crossover cable if using an OP7200 as a slave display.

There are several RabbitNet card options which include:

  • RN1100-Digital I/O
  • RN1200-A/D
  • RN1300-D/A
  • RN1400-Relay expansion
  • RN1600-Keypad display interface.

The RabbitNet system typically consists of a master single board computer and one or two peripheral cards. Several Rabbit SBCs such as the BL4S200 or BL2600 act as the master controller for fast data processing and provide the power onboard needed for the peripheral cards.

Distances between a master unit and peripheral cards can be up to 10m or 33 ft with speeds up to 1Megabit persecond. Cards can be mounted in 100 mm DIN rail trays and optionally there is a RN1000 hub to connect up to 8 devices.

Dynamic C Software Development System

Industry-proven Dynamic C® includes an editor, compiler, and in-circuit debugger. Programming is easy with hundreds of samples and libraries that can be used as building blocks to your code.

RabbitNet Card RN1100 RN1200 RN1300 RN1400 RN1600
Feature Digital I/O Expansion A/D Expansion D/A Expansion Relay Expansion Keypad/Display
Specifications Digital Inputs: 24, protected to +/-40VDC, switching threshold is 1.5V nominal Digital Outputs: 16, pushpull up to 200mA each, 40VDC max Analog Inputs: 4 buffered channels 10-bit resolution, 8-bit accuracy, sample rate 1.5K samples/s,
  • 2 channels 0-10V, single ended
  • 1 channel 0-1V, single ended
  • 1 channel -0.25-.25V differential input resistance >100K
Analog Inputs:
8 single-ended 11-bit or 4 differential 12-bit analog inputs @ 1M input impedance, 2.5K samples/s sampling rate
All 8 channels can be configured as 11-bit 4-20mA analog inputs
8 channels of 12-bit analog outputs, 8 ohm output impedance, 2.5kHz update rate; software controlled output-voltage ranges: 0-2.5V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20V(channels AOUT0- AOUT1) 0-10V,0-20V (channels AOUT2-AOUT7) 6 SPDT Relay Outputs:
  • Max contact settling time: 10ms, Max switching voltage: 250VAC, 125VDC
  • Max switching capacity: 1200 VA, 240W DC
  • Snubbers: Built-in 47W, 100nF
Keypad Interface: 1-64 keys
LCD interface: 1x8 - 4x20 character display LED backlight support
RabbitNet™ Serial Port RS-422, 1Mbps
Power +/-5VDC, 20mA +5VDC, 100mA +5VDC, 20mA DCIN>13V for 10V output, >23V for 20V output, 100mA 5V, 500mA(all relays engaged) Power save: 250mA 5V, <60mA (excluding backlight)
Operating Temperature -40° C to +70° C -40° C to +70° C -40° C - +85° C -40° C to +70° C -40° C - +85° C
Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing
Connectors Friction lock connectors:
  • Six polarized 9-position terminals with .1” pitch
  • Two 2-position power terminals with 0.156” pitch
  • One 4-position terminal with .156” pitch
  • One RJ-45 RabbitNet jack
Friction lock connectors:
  • One polarized 9-position terminals with 0.1” pitch
  • One 4-position terminal with 0.156” pitch
  • One RJ-45 RabbitNet jack
Friction lock connectors:
  • One polarized 9-position terminals with 0.1” pitch
  • One 4-position terminal with 0.156” pitch
  • One RJ-45 RabbitNet jack
  • Six screw terminal headers max 14AWG
  • One 4-position frictionlock connector with .156” pitch
  • One RJ-45 RabbitNet jack
  • One RJ-45 RabbitNet jack
  • 0.156” 4-position vertical power header
  • 1x16, 0.1” position vertical header for keypad interface
  • 2x8, 0.1” vertical header for LCDM interface
  • 1x16, 0.1” vertical socked for LCDM interface
Board Size 3.55” x 3.95” x 0.67”
(90 x 100 x 17mm)
1.94” x 3.94” x 0.67”
(50 x 100 x 17mm)
1.97” x 3.94” x .67”
(50 x 100 x 17mm)
3.94” x 5.87” x .75”
(100 x 150 x 19mm)
2.95” x 3.94” x .77”
(75 x 100 x 20mm)
(Din rail mountable)
Part Number 20-101-0612 20-101-0616 20-101-0688 20-101-1198 20-101-0879
Product Warranty 1 year

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