Digi TransPort WR44 RR - 4G LTE Multi-Carrier Software Defined, North America, Wi-Fi (802.11n)

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  • Model: Digi TransPort WR44 RR
  • Base Hardware: (4) 4-pin M12 Ethernet, (1) 5-pin M12 RS-232
  • Cellular Network: 4G LTE North America Multi-Carrier (700MHz(B13/B17) / 850MHz(B5) / 1700MHz(AWS)(B4) / 1900MHz(B2/B25))
  • GPS: On-board
  • WiFi: 802.11 B/G/N
  • Remote Management: Digi Remote Manager
  • Power Connector: 4-pin M12
  • DC Power Cord: Included
  • Antennas: Not Included


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