Digi Passport and Digi CM Replacement


Digi is discontinuing the Digi CM™ and
Digi Passport® product lines

Customers should migrate to Digi’s Opengear brand product families.

Opengear’s Network Resilience platform offers a Smart Out-of-Band management solution with a range of console server products. The ACM7000 Resilience Gateway is a small form factor appliance with a global cellular modem, ideal for branch offices and edge locations. For data centers and large IT deployments, the IM7200 Infrastructure Manager connects to as many as 48 serial devices, providing secure, remote access to critical IT infrastructure. And the OM2200 and OM1200 NetOps Console Servers combine Out-of-Band and NetOps tools in a single appliance.

IM7200 Infrastructure Manager
IM7200 Infrastructure Manager

The IM units have 8-48 software-selectable serial console ports, dual GbE connections with built-in Fiber SFP, 16GB internal storage, and available 4G-LTE cellular embedded module. 24 port Gigabit switch and 24 USB console port models are also available.

Product Details

ACM7000-L Resilience Gateway
ACM7000 Resilience Gateway

Connect devices directly to this small form-factor console server via 8 serial and 4 USB ports. A 4 port GbE switch option is available, and every unit includes 4GB internal memory. Some units are available with analog modems, and can be ordered without cellular modules

Product Details

CM7100 Console Server
CM7100 Console Server

A standard console server for data centers and large compute locations, the CM7100 offers 16-96 serial console ports with simple straight-through cabling to Cisco®-style serial consoles.

Product Details

OM Appliances - The NetOps Console Servers
OM Appliances - The NetOps Console Servers

With an x86 CPU, the OM appliances support standard Docker containers and a Python runtime environment. A secure boot process is made possible with the embedded TPM2.0 module, enabling secure deployments to distributed locations.

Product Details

Complete details of the discontinuation are listed in the product change notification.

Find recommended replacement part numbers

Recommended Replacement SKU's

Digi Description Digi SKU Opengear Replacement SKU
Digi Passport 8 70002258 ACM7008-2
Passport 16 70002260 CM7116-2-SAC
Passport 32 70002262 CM7132-2-DAC
Passport 48 70002264 CM7148-2-SAC
Passport 8 Modem 70002268 ACM7008-2-M
Passport 16 Modem 70002270 IM7216-2-DAC
Passport 16 2AC 70002276 CM7116-2-DAC
Passport 32 2AC 70002278 CM7132-2-DAC
Passport 48 2AC 70002280 CM7148-2-DAC
Passport 16 2AC Modem 70002282 IM7216-2-DAC
Passport 48 2AC Modem 70002286 IM7248-2-DAC
Digi CM 48 70001949 CM7148-2-SAC or OM2248
Digi CM 48 Dual Power 70001951 CM7148-2-DAC or OM2248
Digi CM 48 Dual Power MSAZ 70001698 CM7148-2-DAC or OM2248