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Long-Range 900 MHz Industrial Radio

  • Patented Punch2™ Technology enables industry-leading interference immunity
  • Best-in-class range of 1 to 100 miles LOS
  • Industrial aluminum-cast design with -40° C to +70° C temperature rating and Class 1 Division 2 certification
  • Flexible data rates of up to 3.2 Mbps
  • Simple configuration via XCTU, local WebUI or Device Cloud
  • Variants certified for North America, Australia (Brazil and Peru coming soon)
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The Digi XLR PRO™ is a high performance, industrial grade long-range 900 MHz radio that offers reliable wireless communications for serial and Ethernet devices over long distances.

Digi’s patented Punch2™ Technology enables the Digi XLR PRO to achieve industry-leading range of 1 to 100 miles and interference immunity that will punch through noisy RF environments. Flexible configuration options, including XCTU (Digi’s next generation configuration platform for XBee), local Web UI or Digi Device Cloud, allow for quick configuration and deployment of multiple Digi XLR PRO radios in the field. Critical device management features include over-the-air firmware updates, device status information and centralized remote management using Device Cloud.

Packaged in a sturdy, aluminum-cast enclosure, the Digi XLR PRO is ideal for industrial applications including oil/gas, precision agriculture and utilities.

The Digi XLR PRO with Punch2 Technology punches through noisy RF environments and provides a reliable connection to your remote assets.

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Digi XLR PRO Long-Range 900MHz Modem, No Accessories – US/Canada/Mexico XL9-U HOW TO BUY
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Digi XLR PRO Long-Range 900MHz Modem, Includes Accessories – US/Canada/Mexico XL9-UA HOW TO BUY
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Digi XLR PRO Long-Range 900MHz Modem, No Accessories – International XL9-A HOW TO BUY
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Digi XLR PRO Long-Range 900MHz Modem, Includes Accessories – International XL9-AA HOW TO BUY
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DIN Rail and Wall Mount Bracket Kit for Digi XLR PRO 76000949 HOW TO BUY
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Antenna - 900 MHz, fiberglass base station, 2.1 dBi, N-female. A09-F2NF-M HOW TO BUY
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Antenna - 900 MHz, fiberglass base station, 5.1 dBi, N-female. A09-F5NF-M HOW TO BUY
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Antenna - 900 MHz, fiberglass base station, 8.1 dBi, N-female. A09-F8NF-M HOW TO BUY
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Antenna - 900 MHz, half wave dipole, 2.1 dBi, RPTNC male. A09-HTM-675 HOW TO BUY
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Yagi directional antenna, 10 dBi A09-Y10TM-P10I HOW TO BUY
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Antenna - 900 MHz, yagi, 15 dBi, RPTNC male, w/ wall mounting bracket. A09-Y15TM-P10I HOW TO BUY
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XLR PRO Power Supply, Wall 100-240V, 12V, 3A Phoenix Connector DC 76002058 HOW TO BUY
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Specifications Digi XLR PRO
Dimensions / Weight 18 x 13 x 3.8 cm (7.1 x 5 x 1.5 inches) / 0.68kg (1.5 lbs)
Ethernet Physical Layer 10/100BASE-T/TX
Ethernet Protocols UDP/TCP, DHCP Client
Warranty 4 years
Frequency Range ISM 902 to 928 MHz
RF Data Rate 9.3 kbps to 3.2 Mbps
Transmit Power (Software Selectable) Up to 30 dBm (highest power level)
Range Line-of-sight ideal environment w/ 6 dBi Yagi antenna / 100+ miles @ 1.2Mbps
Typical environment, some RF noise, w/ 6 dBi dipole antenna / 25 miles @ 9.4Kbps, 8 miles @ 141Kbps, 3.6 miles @ 591Kbps, 1 mile @ 3.2Mbps
Receiver Sensitivity -120 dBm @ 9.4 Kbps, -112 dBm @ 141 Kbps, -98 @ 3.2 Mbps
Receiver Selectivity 141 kbps: 55 dB (908 MHz to 922 MHz)
Throughput Data Rate (Software Selectable) 460.8 kbps (TCP/UDP Socket); 921.6 kbps (Serial RS-485); 460.8 kbps (Serial RS-232)
Networking and Security
Modulation Punch2™ Technology with Chirp Spread Spectrum
Supported Network Topologies Point-to-point/Point-to-multipoint
Encryption 128-bit AES with 64-bit message integrity check
Power Requirements
Supply Voltage 9 to 26 VDC
Receive Current 300 mA @ 9 V; 230 mA @ 12 V; 120 mA @ 26 V
Transmit Current 950 mA @ 9 V; 840 mA @ 12 V; 400 mA @ 26 V
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Regulatory Approvals
Emissions/Immunity FCC Part 15B (US), IC (Canada), RCM (Australia), Anatel (Brazil) and Peru
Hazardous Locations Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D
Power UL 60950-1, 2nd edition, 2011-12-19
Australia RCM
Brazil Coming Soon
Peru Coming Soon
Antenna 50 Ohm RP-TNC (Female)
Power Supply Phoenix
Ethernet (2) RJ45
Serial (1) RJ45 - RS232/485
Configuration Port Mini-USB
Mounting Options DIN Rail Bracket, Wall Mount Bracket (Part#: 76000949)

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