Set up a DigiMesh network

Forming a DigiMesh network is straightforward, since all nodes are standard routers by default and there are no parent-child relationships.

  1. Ensure that the following settings have the same values in all nodes:
    • Channel Mask (CM)
    • Preamble ID (HP)
    • Network ID (ID)
  2. Configure the Channel Mask (CM) parameter to enable at least the number of channels specified by the Minimum Frequencies (MF) parameter.

To add a new node to an already-formed network, set the same values for those three parameters. When you add the node, it automatically joins the DigiMesh network.

There are other settings that affect the behavior of a DigiMesh network, such as those related to the sleep feature. For details, see Sleep modes.

To learn about additional configuration parameters, go to the XBee-PRO 900HP and XSC RF Modules User Guide.


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