Add a device to XCTU

These instructions show you how to add the XBee to XCTU.

If XCTU does not find your serial port, see Cannot find the serial port for the device and Enable Virtual COM port (VCP) on the driver.

  1. Launch XCTU .

Note XCTU's Update the radio module firmware dialog box may open and will not allow you to continue until you click Update or Cancel on the dialog.

  1. Click Help > Check for XCTU Updates to ensure you are using the latest version of XCTU.
  2. Click the Discover radio modules button in the upper left side of the XCTU screen.
  1. In the Discover radio devices dialog, select the serial ports where you want to look for XBee modules, and click Next.
  2. In the Set port parameters window, maintain the default values and click Finish.
  3. As XCTU locates radio modules, they appear in the Discovering radio modules dialog box.
  4. Select the device(s) you want to add and click Add selected devices.

If your module could not be found, XCTU displays the Could not find any radio module dialog providing possible reasons why the module could not be added.