Replace a coordinator (security disabled only)

On rare occasions, it may become necessary to replace an existing coordinator in a network with a new physical device. If security is not enabled in the network, you can configure a replacement XBee coordinator with the PAN ID (16-bit and 64-bit), channel, and stack profile settings of a running network in order to replace an existing coordinator.

Note Avoid having two coordinators on the same channel, stack profile, and PAN ID (16-bit and 64-bit) as it can cause problems in the network. When replacing a coordinator, turn off the old coordinator before starting the new coordinator.

To replace a coordinator, read the following commands from a device on the network:

Command Description


Read the operating 64-bit PAN ID.


Read the operating 16-bit PAN ID.


Read the operating channel.


Read the stack profile.

Each of the commands listed above can be read from any device on the network. These parameters will be the same on all devices in the network. After reading the commands from a device on the network, program the parameter values into the new coordinator using the following commands.

Command Description


Set the 64-bit PAN ID to match the read OP value.


Set the initial 16-bit PAN ID to match the read OI value.


Set the scan channels bitmask to enable the read operating channel (CH command). For example, if the operating channel is 0x0B, set SC to 0x0001. If the operating channel is 0x17, set SC to 0x1000.


Set the stack profile to match the read ZS value.

II is the initial 16-bit PAN ID. Under certain conditions, the Zigbee stack can change the 16-bit PAN ID of the network. For this reason, you cannot save the II command using the WR command. Once II is set, the coordinator leaves the network and starts on the 16-bit PAN ID specified by II.


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